Prenatal Classes

The goal of my prenatal and childbirth classes is to empower you to believe in your body and its amazing ability to grow, birth, and nurture your baby. My desire is for every woman to have a satisfying childbirth experience, and I feel very privileged and honoured to help facilitate you on your journey to becoming a parent.

Some of the topics covered in class are:

    *Welcoming and The Third Trimester
    *Getting to know your body in pregnancy and birth
    *Relaxation, centering and comfort measures
    *Labor and birth positions
    *Labor practice (fun!) and partner connection
    *The physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of labor
    *Birthing environments and birth support
    *Informed choice
    *Getting to know your body in its postpartum stage
    *Newborn care and early parenting
    *A tour of UHNBC Hospital labor and delivery maternity unit

Prenatal classes run for six consecutive Thursday evenings.

Please contact me to see which dates would be the best fit for you and your family.

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